Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day One Of My Quest

Well, this isn't actually "day one" of my quest. Afterall, I have been dreaming of saving the world since I was old enough to form a complete thought and this trip of mine has been rattling in my brain since I first heard of The World Social Forum a few years ago. This is simply day one of my blogging attempt. From today forward, I am going to document my process of fundraising, dealing with fear of flying, dealing with trying to plan and organize this trip while finishing school and raising these revolutionary daughters of mine.

So here we have it. A list:

1. I have non profit status. This helps with fundraising! Hooray and THANK YOU to my fellow board members at The Peace and Justice Center!

2. I have a venue for the fundraiser! Hooray and THANK YOU to the Santa Rosa New College campus!

3. I have a donation request form/letter that I worked on today instead of doing homework or working at the kids' school. Sierra is taking our photo later for the form and the website that wonderful Preston is creating for me!

4. I am getting donations for the event! Bands, bellydancers, wine, art, stuff. This is going to be great.

I am so incredibly blessed with my community and so lucky to have the opportunity to go to this forum. I can't wait!


mama craftay said...

can i donate a craft item and piece of art?


kate said...

this is coming together so quickly. nice work!