Saturday, June 03, 2006

yard sale

this morning i woke up very early to my favorite sonoma county weather pattern- fog. it was just lovely but made it a little challenging to pop up out of bed and start getting ready for phase one of my fundraising... the dreaded yard sale.

i have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks collecting stuff from friends and neighbors to sell as a part of my fundraising efforts, which was easy. i have also spent the last few weeks trying to convince my kids that they don't need so much crap, which was not so easy. of course i tried using the whole buddhist lesson of attachment and reminded them of the scene in baraka where families are digging furiously through a landfill to find their next meals and how most children in the world don't have the luxury of selling their things because most children in the world don't have much to sell in the first place (a little guilt trip from time to time is a necessary parenting tactic). having xenia away on a school camping trip helped me to sneak out some sale items and pumping up ava with the idea of making money off a bake sale/lemonade stand finally worked some magic as well. we unloaded a lot of things and made enough to get the kids' passports and maybe a water filter or two.

i am left with some pretty big items that my good friends abby and heidi have offered to take off of my hands and i am handing over a few bags of good condition clothing for my neighbor michelle to give away to children in chiapas when she heads to mexico for her yearly trip this november.

i am exhausted and behind in school work and am going to use this rare occasion of having the kids both elsewhere for the evening to get myself caught up.

thanks to michael, hannah, jacquie, michelle, justin, jessamyn, anna, heidi, abby, nicole p, nicole g and everyone else who donated stuff for me to sell!

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