Saturday, September 23, 2006

updated wish list

+compact sleeping bags
+uv pens/water filters
+mosquito net
+phone with sim cards for kenya and india(optional)

my friend abby got me a digital camera for graduation, my friend jamie gave me her very awesome $300 backpack and i have been collecting clothes and other supplies over the last few months. i imagine that the shoes i want will be on sale in the next couple of weeks (waterproof keens) or i will just get them on ebay along with the mosquito nets, etc. i am hoping i didn't miss rei's used gear sale and if so, i know i'll find cheap sleeping bags on craigslist or ebay.

i am getting excited and have been emailing with an orphanage in goa about volunteering there for up to a month. they told me i could rent a beach hut near the orphanage for $50-$200 per month, which is really tempting. i think we'll spend about 1-2 weeks at amma's ashram to start, followed by goa (1-4 weeks dependingon the orphanage's liscence renewal status) and then on to dharamsala in early march for some of the dalai lama's public teachings (he is doing one for kids based on the jataka tales on march 3rd and i am so excited). I'll head to shimla and dehra dun to the tiger preserve and vandana shiva's school but be based in mccleod ganj at the monastary. i am also going to take mini trips to bodhgaya, varanasi and agra to see the taj mahal before we fly home from delhi.

as far as kenya goes, we'll spend 1/2 our time in nairobi, 1/4 time at the coast and 1/4 time at the nature preserves. the kids are going wacko reading about the animals and watching documentaries about the masai people. they are so excited and liz and i are both so ready for this trip.

i'll update more later...

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