Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Heading out soon...

i am so sick. my head hurts, my throat is swollen, my body aches, my eyes are watering and i am warm and sensitive all across my skin. apparently, the flu shot the traveler's clinic suggested for my trip to kenya has given me the flu. i have been pounding tea, GSE, my infamous vinegar/ginger/garlic concoction, emergen-c, airborne and gallons of water to get this shit gone and thankfully, the malaria medication they gave me also serves as an anti-biotic... i just started popping the pills a few days early to help get rid of this funk before i leave in ONE WEEK. (lila was also kind enough to take ava to the store so i could nap... and she came back with hot soup and cornbread.)

one week. in one week i am getting on an airplane with my kids and a friend (who also hates flying) and heading to the birthplace of man. it is overwhelming to think of but i must say that through all of the insanity and curveballs i have been thrown over the last few months, i am excited beyond words. the forum is going to be intense. liz and i both agree that we will probably be spending the bulk of our flight looking over the myriad of options for workshops thet they are offering each day. it is immense. we are going to be meeting with a friend of harjit's in nairobi who is works with the palestinian freedom project, as well. it will be fun to meet him (and i am sure the several other folks who we'll share meals and drinks and stories with). he is planning a visit to one of the somali refugee camps in the north and i so wish we had time to go along. i keep imagining myself sitting through workshops and somehow being magically filled with the energy and inspiration that has been slowly draining from my life over the last few years.

the safari is going to blow my mind, too. i just spent the last two days sick on the couch watching 'out of africa' and some african wildlife dvds. amazing. and mombasa is apparently being taken over my monkeys and has white sand beaches that are going to be my home for a few days before we head back to capitalism-land. the girls and i are then taking the train from new york for 3-4 days. we'll visit mickey in chicago for a few hours, where he will hopefully bring us tacos and fruit and listen to the girls freak out about giraffes and elephants. then we'll be on our way again- me reading 'walden' and 'people's history' for the 10th time and xenia knitting and reading harry potter. ava has a million art pads that we sent out to nyc with abby and heidi yesterday (along with all of our winter clothes) and we will arrive in santa rosa on february 5th- tan, inspired, tired and hungry for mexican food.

it is going to be quite interesting, travelling around a relatively safe country as a priveleged white tourist, knowing that places like somalia, ethiopia, sudan and uganda are just outside its borders. i still can't quite wrap my mind around it, but i imagine i'll be sleepless some night at our hostel and will sneak into the internet cafe to write all about it.

so the meds must be working because i think i just actually wrote a few complete sentences up there! i am tired again and off to bed.

send me your addys if you want postcards.
love you all dearly. for real.

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