Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Update on Fundraising...

The fundraiser was over a week ago and was a great success! I had about 150-200 people there, sold almost all of the auction items, had incredible music and food and made enough for three one-way tickets to Kenya! I am very excited and am hoping to buy my tickets in the next week or so.

In the mean time, I am trying to find folks who would be into donating frequent flyer miles so I can get home (I will be returning from India). I am also pinching pennies to pay for getting the kids and I to India after my friend Liz leaves Kenya to head back to the US. Airfare is incredibly expensive when you are travelling with two extra people, regardless of how little they are. We also still need to register for the forum, find cheap accomodations and get our travellers shots and insurance.

In the meantime, I am working on overdue school papers and plugging away on my thesis so I can graduate in September. I was planning on taking an extra semester of thesis maintenance but I think I may actually finish it on time which will give me a few months to get the trip together and plan out the girls' "lesson plans" for our world-school adventures! Kenya will be an amazing experience for them and I have been preparing them with frequent trips to the library, checking out mountains of books and videos on the country. They are so excited and are really hoping to meet Wangaari Matthai at the forum!

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kate said...

Dani, you are seriously the coolest mom ever.