Friday, June 23, 2006

Last minute chaos

So tomorrow is the big day. I feel like I am getting married or something, only I am way more excited about this fundraiser than I ever was about that funny little wedding I had 11 years ago.

Things are actually coming together pretty nicely, considering the fact that up until this week, I have been doing all of this madness on my own. To ease my stressed system, I have decided to make a last minute change to my thesis project and am giving up the research aspect of a cross-cultural comparison between the European witch burnings and the religious and cultural persecution of the Indigenous people of North America. Instead, I am using al of the work I have put into this fundraiser and my motivation to get to Kenya toward my project. I am going to write up a piece about community building and how it relates to the global activist movement and how I fit into it all. Melissa, if you are reading this, I was going to give you the proposal yesterday, but you were sick. ;)

Anyhow, this event will be great. It will bring together most of the most important people in my life all at one time and I am so excited to see the networking and fun and relationships that will evolve out of this! Robert and I went to the food bank via Food Not Bombs today to get all of the organic goods for tomorrow's meal and it is going to be soooo good. Cupcakes will be baked in several kitchens across Sonoma County tonight. Auction forms typed up. Wine will be dropped off. Keys to the school will be picked up. Shadow puppets will be cut out and I will get a decent night's sleep.

See you tomorrow.

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kate said...

We had shadow puppet cutting, AND cupcake baking, AND one of the Spindles practicing for the big day all at the same time, in the same house!