Friday, January 26, 2007

destruction in nairobi

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Steve said...

Hi Dani,
uncle Steve here.

I believe that this will piss you off, but what the hell. I'm sorry that you think that you have to go some where across the world to do YOUR THING, I'm not saying that what what you are doing is wrong, but I do believe that you could help people much closer to where you were born.

I hope that your girls do not grow up to be pissed off at you for not letting them grow up in the country that they were born in.

I do under stand that you think that you can help the people where you are at. I thought the same thing when I was station in Vietnam.

What I have to say about both of us is, we made the choice, in my case, it was mine. In yours,you made the choice for you kids. I think that it was a bad one.

I'm not saying that you are a bad person, what I'm saying is that you were aloud to made your choices on your own. Why didn't you let your kids do the same.

By the way would it be so hard in this day and age to say Happy Mother's day to your Mother????? Pissed off or not, she is still your Mother. (Kisses Uncle Steve)

I want to let the rest of the world know that I have never been a part of this lady's life. It Just pisses me off as to the way her children treat her. (My older sister).

The way I read her blog it seem to make me out to be a bad guy. My way of thinking is what I help do let's her have this blog. I could be wrong, time will tell.