Tuesday, January 30, 2007


we all have horribly uneven sunburns.

my stomach hurts.

it is f-ing hot and f-ing humid.

tuk tuks are the best transportation ever.

mombasa looks and feels more like what i imagine morocco is like than what the rest of kenya is like.

liz, the kids and i are sitting in a stuffy internet place to pass time before we head back to nairobi via the sketchy ass train with no electricity and bandits climbing through windows tonight.

i have visited a tropical paradise, two hindu temples and several mombasa markets in thge last several days.

it is hard to find vegetarian food in a mostly muslim city.

however, it is easy to find vegetarian food in the hindu neighborhoods.

the water runs brown at first from the fancy hotel faucets where we were staying until this orning.

xenia wants to convert to islam so she can dress in tradition muslim dress for school when we get home.

train tonight, nairobi tomorrow, dubai the next day, then nyc, then the train to cal until monday night.

i miss my bed.
so much to tell you all.

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